Doctor Who Christmas Special 2023 Trailer: The Church On Ruby Road

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Explore the enchanting Doctor Who Christmas Special 2023 trailer: The Church On Ruby Road. With Sumpress, get a sneak peek into the festive adventure.

The Doctor, a shape-shifting enigma, can embody diverse forms—from race and gender to age and even hailing from Salford. Yet, a singular essence must endure in each iteration to captivate: an unwavering charisma, compelling companions to forsake their existence and journey across the cosmos. Now, with Sex Education luminary Ncuti Gatwa flawlessly taking on the role, the cosmic ballet aligns. It not only logically justifies the swift leap of young Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) into the Tardis but also sparks an irresistible urge to beseech Gatwa to take us along for the interstellar escapade.

Introduced briefly at the finale of the 60th-anniversary special, emerging from the bi-generation of David Tennant's Doctor, Gatwa made a striking entrance clad in just a shirt and a grin. The upcoming Christmas special, The Church on Ruby Road, showcases the Fifteenth Doctor assuming the lead role, bravely confronting carnivorous baby-snatching goblins with Sunday by their side.

Let's watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special 2023 trailer: The Church On Ruby Road and find out everything you need to know about this season.

1. What is Doctor Who Christmas Special 2023 trailer about?

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2023

Is Russell T Davies concealing a Santa secret? To ardent Doctor Who enthusiasts, he might as well be. A luminary of the modern series, Davies not only revived the tradition of a Christmas Day broadcast but also bestows upon us the gift of Ncuti Gatwa as the dapper new Time Lord. Whovians, brace yourselves for a festive treat as we guide you on how to watch Doctor Who's "The Church on Ruby Road" online, allowing you to stream the Christmas special freely from any location.

Davies' recent trio of Doctor Who 60th Anniversary specials not only thrilled fans but also masterfully charted a bold new course for the series. By introducing Gatwa as the fifteenth Doctor and Millie Gibson as his new companion, we anticipate a rejuvenation of the show's elements with a vibrant infusion of Gen-Z energy. Imagine William Hartnell's Doctor navigating a sweaty nightclub; that's precisely where Gatwa's incoming Time Lord finds himself during the holidays.


In "The Church on Ruby Road," Gibson embarks on TARDIS adventures alongside the new Doctor. Their first escapade unfolds on a flying pirate ship teeming with razor-toothed goblins, all while desperately attempting to rescue a imperiled infant from the clutches of the corpulent "Goblin King." Add an outrageously entertaining musical number, and it appears to be a joyous homage to Labyrinth, Jim Henson's beloved 1986 fantasy film.

As part of the cast overhaul preceding Season 14, the holiday special features Anita Dobson as Mrs. Flood, Michelle Greenidge (I May Destroy You, Small Axe) as Ruby's mum Carla, and Angela Wynter as Cherry, Ruby's grandmother. Additionally, UK legend Davina McCall makes her second guest appearance, portraying herself in this landmark sci-fi show.

2. Doctor Who Christmas Special 2023 Cast

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2023
  • Ncuti Gatwa in the role of the Fifteenth Doctor
  • Davina McCall in the role of Davina McCall.
  • Mary Malone in the role of Trudy
  • Millie Gibson in the role of Ruby Sunday
  • Michelle Greenidge in the role of Carla
  • Angela Wynter in the role of Cherry
  • Anita Dobson in the role of Mrs Flood
  • Hemi Yeroham in the role of Abdul

3. How to watch Doctor Who Christmas Special 2023

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2023

Source: IMDb

Disney Plus is set to broadcast "Doctor Who: The Church on Ruby Road" on Monday, December 25, at 12:55 p.m. Eastern Time (9:55 a.m. Pacific Time) in all regions except the UK and Ireland, where it will be aired on the BBC. If you happened to miss it, you can also catch David Tennant's performances in the other three anniversary specials: "The Star Beast," "Wild Blue Yonder," and "The Giggle." All these releases are accessible on Disney Plus.

4. Doctor Who Christmas Special 2023 Trailer


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