Full Gigi Hadid And Bradley Cooper’s Relationship Timeline - Fast But Intense

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Explore the whirlwind Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper relationship timeline, navigating through the fast yet intense journey of this dynamic duo's connection.

Gigi Hadid seems to have transitioned from a reported year-long romance with Leonardo DiCaprio to a new chapter with another A-list figure, none other than Bradley Cooper. Their first public appearance was captured on October 5, enjoying a dinner in New York City, followed by a weekend getaway, returning to the city together on October 8.

Insiders have shared insights into the connection between these two renowned stars and single parents. Below, delve into the full Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper relationship timeline.

1. October 2023

October 5

Dating speculations arise as Hadid and Cooper are captured leaving a dinner at Via Carota in New York City. Although no public displays of affection are evident, the duo walks side by side. View photos via Daily Mail, reporting their shared departure in the same car.

October 8

In a snapshot, Cooper and Hadid are seen together in his car, returning to New York City after an apparent weekend getaway. Refer to the photo of their joint appearance here.

Both individuals are observed extracting overnight bags from the vehicle's trunk, coordinating their exits from the car.


Gigi Hadid And Bradley Cooper’s Relationship Timeline

October 9

A source sheds light on their connection, noting a budding relationship that may not quickly evolve into something serious. The insider emphasizes their enjoyment, highlighting Hadid's independence and busy lifestyle, suggesting a cautious approach to seriousness.


Hadid, the source discloses, has harbored a lingering attraction to Cooper, indicating a potential willingness to explore a deeper connection. Commonalities between them make progression plausible, despite the current casual nature, grounded in shared experiences of parenting, substantial careers, and a mutual understanding of life in their respective circles. The source describes the situation as endearing, noting an underlying attraction.

October 10

On October 10, an insider provided insights to a magazine, acknowledging the 20-year age gap between Hadid, 28, and Cooper, 48. The source emphasizes their common ground, both being single parents to young daughters and sharing a similar sense of humor.

adid, co-parenting 3-year-old Khai with ex-boyfriend Zayn Malik, is cautious about introducing Khai to anyone unless in a committed relationship. The source notes Hadid's openness to getting to know Cooper better, mentioning their several outings facilitated by a mutual friend. Hadid expresses genuine enjoyment in spending time with him.


The nature of their relationship is uncertain, with the source stating it's too early to predict its trajectory. Despite the lack of seriousness, there is an evident attraction.

On the same day, a source delves into how their exes view the budding relationship. Hadid's mother Yolanda and sister Bella support her pursuit of happiness, seeing potential in Cooper as a good fit. Zayn Malik prioritizes what's best for Gigi and is adapting to the reality of moving forward while prioritizing his daughter. Irina Shayk, Cooper's ex, has no issues with him dating others, especially given the casual nature of his relationship with Gigi.

Overall, the consensus among the former partners is openness to moving on.

Gigi Hadid And Bradley Cooper’s Relationship Timeline

October 11

On October 11, insider information conveyed to The Messenger reveals that Shayk played the role of matchmaker, introducing Hadid to Cooper.

The connection between Gigi and Bradley emerged through Irina and shared industry acquaintances. Over the years, Gigi and Irina developed a close bond while collaborating. Previous interactions between Gigi and Bradley were always amicable, occurring in social settings. Recently, they reconnected, bonding over their shared experience as parents of daughters, leading to Bradley extending an invitation.


Bradley actively pursued Gigi, and her response was one of definite interest and excitement. Their interactions are currently casual, marking the early stages of their connection. Gigi has expressed a preference for a non-serious relationship. They find common ground in navigating parenthood within the entertainment industry. Gigi, aspiring to venture into acting, is intrigued by Bradley's insights and guidance. The relationship remains decidedly informal at this point.

Gigi Hadid And Bradley Cooper’s Relationship Timeline

Additionally, as reported by The Daily Mail, Zayn Malik is decidedly unhappy about Gigi and Cooper's budding romance. This discontent is not specifically directed at Bradley but stems from the general discomfort of Gigi being involved with someone new. Zayn's ongoing connection with Gigi, coupled with their shared history and a child together, adds a layer of emotional complexity.


Another source reveals Bradley's enthusiasm about his connection with Gigi. Eager to embrace dating and committed relationships again, Bradley appreciates the joy and challenges that come with it. Gigi's beauty and her understanding of navigating relationships with well-known individuals make the experience enjoyable for both. Bradley's motivation to move forward in his romantic life gained momentum, spurred in part by Irina's relationship with Tom Brady. The nascent stage of their connection is viewed positively, with potential for a more serious turn.

October 20

On October 20, photographic evidence captures Hadid and Cooper strolling together in the rain in New York City. Notably, there is no public display of affection, and umbrellas are conspicuously absent, yet they share the moment side by side.

2. November 2023


November 1

Hadid and Cooper initiated the fresh month with another public appearance. A magazine showcased images of the duo attending the off-Broadway play "Danny and the Deep Blue Sea" at Lucille Lortel Theater in the Village. An onlooker shared with the outlet, "It's a theater date night! Bradley is a regular attendee at the theater."
Hadid was elegantly attired in a yellow tweed coat, a New York Yankees cap, and carried a Birkin handbag. Cooper, clad in black with light-colored pants, accompanied her. Visuals capturing their date can be viewed here.

Gigi Hadid And Bradley Cooper’s Relationship Timeline

November 4


Following Hadid's highly publicized night out with Taylor Swift and her entourage, she concluded her evening in the company of Cooper. The Daily Mail reported Hadid leaving Zero Bond, the same venue Swift's group had been, with Cooper following closely behind. Images of this rendezvous can be found here.

November 6

Insights from two magazines shed light on the intensifying nature of Hadid and Cooper's relationship.

According to a source from Us Weekly, Hadid holds Cooper in high regard: "Gigi appreciates that Bradley is unlike other men she's dated. He exudes maturity and treats her with unwavering respect."


In instances where physical meetings are unfeasible, the source notes a commitment to regular communication through "texting, FaceTiming, [and] communicating every day." Their connection has deepened significantly over the past few weeks.

Echoing this sentiment, a source from Page Six characterized their relationship as rapidly evolving, stating, "Their relationship is progressing rapidly. They are spending every day together."

The source elaborated on Cooper's perspective, noting his intellectual admiration for Hadid. There's even speculation about a potential committed future: "Bradley is entering a different phase in life," the source observed. "Perhaps, he'll express a desire to wake up to her face and share a morning coffee."

Gigi Hadid And Bradley Cooper’s Relationship Timeline


Source: Getty Images

November 14

Describing them as "smitten," the source reveals that Bradley and Gigi relish each other's company and have introduced one another to significant individuals in their lives. Bradley recently invited Gigi to a professional dinner in NYC. Their bond is built on shared passions for work, family, and, crucially, parenthood. People close to them see a strong connection and believe they complement each other well.
The source emphasizes the effortless nature of their relationship, stating, "Their relationship is authentic and requires minimal effort. They are savoring the present without the pressure of overthinking or trying too hard. Both value family, friends, and strive to set positive examples for their children. They share similar values, consistently aiming to be their best selves, individually and as parents. Gigi's friends and family appreciate Bradley and delight in witnessing her happiness."

3. December 2023


Hadid subtly conveyed Cooper's significance in her life. The actor made an appearance on her brand Guest in Residence's Instagram Stories on December 6 while promoting its recently restocked plaid work shirt. The image of Cooper was sourced from paparazzi photos captured in October.

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